Campaigner (eblast)

The Campaigner Module is a free formatting email blast tool that allows you to easily run and manage targeted marketing campaigns. This tool provides users with the ability to create newsletters (e-flash) or other formatted communications that can be sent to contacts in the Contact Management database via e-mail. The Campaigner will log complete communications history for all recipients. E-mail communications created using the Campaigner can be published to the website. The Campaigner provides easy to use tools like HTML Editor. Campaign analytics show real-time recipient statistics.

  • Create a library/archive of campaign/newsletters templates
  • Ability to copy campaign/newsletters
  • Publish Newsletters to website
  • Modify and enhance e-mail template content with HTML Editor
  • Ability to create distribution list or groups
  • Automatic click-through statistics made available
  • Ability to report/analyze recipient statistics